how to use writers notebook

How to Create and Use a Writer’s Notebook

Keeping a writer’s notebook is a great way to stay organized and make sure you never lose a drop of inspiration again. Today we will share some tips on how to create and use a writer’s notebook.

what is a deuteragonist in fiction

What is a Deuteragonist?

Today we’re going to talk all about what a deuteragonist is in literary fiction, along with understanding the role a deuteragonist plays in the story.

what is a protagonist

What is a Protagonist?

Wondering just what a protagonist means? Today we’ll look in depth at what a protagonist is and isn’t.

8 Tips for Revising Your Writing in the Revision Process

Revising your writing doesn’t have to be a long painful process. Follow these tips to make your revision process a fun and easy one. One of my favorite Billy Joel songs is “Get It Right the First Time.” It’s a great song, but an impossible goal, even for someone with as much talent as him. … Read more

how to build your writing skills

How to Build Your Writing Skills

Looking to build your creative writing skills? These tips can help you become a stronger, focused, and dedicated master of your craft.